Pastors & Staff

Charles Stevens Jr.

Lead Pastor

Pastor Charles Stevens Jr. is a former Youth Pastor of On Fire 4 Christ Youth Ministries (OF4C).  He has grown from a curious kid trying to find his place in the world, to an eager servant of GOD.  Charles has always known his calling, but as many, he attempted to run away from it, until one day being captured by the Lord.
Not knowing what GOD was doing, when he and his newly married wife joined their new church ; God was not only building a new of way life as now a married couple, but now God began to speak and build him in ministry, as he began serving as his Pastor’s armor barrier. Shortly after, through his love for serving, God than began his elevation in him as a minister and then a youth pastor.
Now on this  path of  ministry as a Senior Pastor, Charles and his lovely wife Haneeseah are very humbled and honored to see what GOD has for them in the role of under Shepards . They both are focused on serving passionately with everything in them and introducing others to the greatness of GOD.
Beyond ministry,  Charles is a devoted husband and father. He loves spending time with his two children Zion and Aniah, In addition to watching his Cowboys and Lakers and spending time with good thing (his wife) Haneeseah.

Haneeseah Stevens 

Volunteer Coordinator

Haneeseah serves not only as the First Lady (which we believe is the fragrance of the house). She also serves as the volunteer coordinator.  Where she assists and coordinates volunteers in every facet of ministry to assure that each ministry has the proper volunteers.

She also assist assuring that those that serving has the proper resources to thrive.

She is a women of many gifts, a Swiss army of sorts.

Wonda Raymond

Pastoral Care

Pastor Wonda Raymond Serves as Pastoral Care Pastor. Her motherly personality nurtures the body here at New Life, assuring that we holistically healthy individually and corporately.

Wonda Raymond began her life of giving at the Griffin Temple Church of God in Christ in Ogden, Utah. As a child she volunteered doing outreach and helping out those who were in time of need.
As she grew into adulthood, her calling to the ministry paralleled her calling to help, and her passion for giving found its focus working with the newly homeless—families in crisis were her particular focus. After her stint with Griffin Temple as Outreach Coordinator, she became involved with the Agape Adult School, teaching parenting classes to those who were also in crisis in other areas.
Wonda also has non-profit organization called Haven of Hope City within a City, where they are taking a holistic approach for addressing the whole person when dealing with homelessness.

Charles Stevens Sr.

Community Connections

Elder Charles Stevens Sr Serves as community connection Pastor. His Fatherly approach and personality assures that our Heaven Father remains connected to the community in a tangible way.

Veronica House

Biblical Studies Director

Veronica House serves our ministry on our teaching team and as our direct connect for all things related to Biblical studies and discipleship growth.

Simona Meeks

Impressions (Hospitality) Director

Simona Meeks Service as our Hospitality/ Impressions Director. Her team will assure that your worship experience remains friendly and inviting.